World IBD Day is committed to raising awareness and improve life for people with IBD. Around the world, patients associations representing 38 countries are mobilized to make this day a global event.

Source: the European Federation of Crohn´s and Ulcerative Colitis Associations organisation (EFCCA)

According to EFCCA from which we quote these lines, “IBD patient associations as well as IBD activists worldwide have joined efforts to raise awareness around Crohn´s disease and ulcerative colitis.”
“IBD, which stands for inflammatory bowel disease (including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis) are two serious, chronic digestive diseases that affect five million people worldwide. There is no cure, no known cause, and little public understanding of the pain and chronic suffering with which IBD patients courageously cope every day of their lives.”

The purple ribbon
“Many of the IBD associations linked to World IBD Day are using the purple ribbon as a symbol of awareness and support for those living with IBD. Show the world how IBD has impacted your life!”
“On World IBD Day we want to raise awareness about this disease, urge governments and healthcare professionals to take action and to show support to the five million people worldwide that live with IBD.”

The role of patients’ associations in raising the awareness to little known diseases for their therapeutic improvement needs not be proven anymore. On the occasion of this World IBD Day, I greet all the volunteers who fight everyday of the year to improve the awareness and the daily life of patients suffering from chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.

Pr De Simone, A propos

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