The use of a high-dose probiotic blend in the treatment of autism

Cl. DS: I will be responding live on June 29, 2016 to questions from parents and health care professionals during a webinar on autism organized by Senta Depuydt. I will discuss about the importance of probiotics and their dosage, about autism in general and a very promising study that started recently in Italy enrolling young patients.

« The use of probiotics is an essential component in the treatment of intestinal pathologies associated with autism. However, the number and type of strains, dosage and duration are critical factors which are often overlooked due to a lack of proper information. » — Senta Depuydt
Senta Depuydt – journalist, coach and organizer of the congress 'Sortir de l'Autisme' as well as mother of Matteo, ex-'low level autistic child' who has recovered all his cognitive, social and normal behavior without the classic methods., Read more
There is a growing interest from researchers to find new options in the treatment of digestive disorders (dysbiosis), which is one of the most common conditions that affects young autistic patients. I enthusiastically accepted the invitation of Senta Depuydt, who is leading the conference ‘Sortir de l’Autisme’ and participated in a discussion with parents and researchers in the field, on June 29, 2016 from 19 to 20.00 pm.

As a pioneer in the field of intestinal microflora with international recognition, I was one of the first researchers to develop a high-dose probiotic preparation containing 8 strains, 450 billion bacteria (Vivomixx®). This is one of the few probiotics presenting over 170 scientific publications and which has been included in the international treatment guidelines for certain indications.

I have a specific interest in autism, and many people will be interested to know that in Italy, with the help of the Ministry of Health, a study on the use of probiotics in autistic children has just started,  as I have already discussed in this blog Clinical study: impact of probiotics in autistic children

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The Letter of Probiotics


The Letter of Probiotics