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I have watched this documentary and I highly recommend it for the original approach and hypotheses made on autism. For all those who are seeking better understanding of the complex mechanisms at stake.

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A Canadian documentary asking the right questions

Autism is now the fastest growing disease in the industrialized world: improved diagnosis alone can not explain why cases have increased by 600% over the past twenty years. Science, which first attributed it to psychological and then genetic causes, remains puzzled by this alarming enigma.

New research, still little or not well known to the public, is now exploring a radically new path: the environment, and in particular food, could play a decisive role. Indeed, 70% of children with autism also suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms: it sheds a new light on the link between intestinal microbes and brain functionality.

Directors: Christopher Sumpton, Marion Gruner

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The enigma of autism – The bacterial lead

Rent or buy the DVD on Arte’s boutique

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