On November 18, 2018, the Maryland Court of Justice condemned the pharmaceutical companies, VSL. Inc., Leadiant and Alfasigma, distributors of the probiotic VSL#3, to pay $15 million for false advertising and having deceived patients and doctors.

As a result of this court decision, scientific authorities now recognize the De Simone Formulation as the original formulation used in over 60 clinical studies and 200 scientific publications.

Consequently, the European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) recently published a corrigendum indicating that the probiotic VSL#3, cited for many years in the scientific literature, is now the De Simone Formulation. * ESPEN regularly publishes international recommendations in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). As a reminder, the De Simone Formulation is the subject of numerous recommendations for the nutritional management of IBD.

Furthermore, scientific journals such as “Medicine” and “Plos One” have published the same corrigendum.

I welcome these corrections by the scientific community, which, by removing the last ambiguities, restores the scientific truth and gives a clear picture for both doctors and patients.

Pr De Simone, About

* The De Simone Formulation is marketed in Europe under the brand Vivomixx® and in the United States under the brand Visbiome®.