Slab51 Formulation

Science is key

SLAB51 is another specific 8-strain probiotic formulation developed by Prof. Claudio De Simone. While the SLAB51 formulation is similar to the DSF in terms of proportions and types of species, the fermentation process and the manufacturer differ. Thus, SLAB51 is a unique product.

The biological and immunological properties and the enzymatic activity of SLAB51 continue to be characterised through a growing number of publications. New mechanisms of action on the gut-brain axis and oxygen-sparing capacity have been elucidated in various clinical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lyme disease and COVID-19.

Veterinarians worldwide have also taken a significant interest in this probiotic formulation, and studies have been performed in different animal species.

SLAB51 is available
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