Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: F. prausnitzii an intestinal bacteria with beneficial effects

The microbiota has the wind in its sails and its cartography is supplemented with ever more discoveries.

Published in la revue mBio.
I have read with great interest this study carried out by an INRA team which once again illustrates the fundamental role played by each bacterium in the intestinal microbiota and the need to identify and fix imbalances in order to stop pathologies (thanks to a specific probiotic delivery in this case).

This study highlights that the F. prausnitzii bacterium exhibits anti-inflammatory effects.
To impede the vicious circle leading to chronic inflammation of the digestive tract, scientists plan to restore the presence of F. prausnitzii in affected patients by administering a food supplement, that is a specific probiotic, and thus stopping the inflammation.

The improved science and knowledge of the role of the multiple microbiota components should have a considerable impact in the coming years on the development of new innovative treatments

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