A better performance with probiotics

Physical activity is essential to well-being and health, but did you know that regular or intensive sports activities can cause digestive problems, weaken your immune system and make it more prone to infections?

« I advise the high-level athletes that I coach who are intensively practicing and who are prone to intestinal problems that they should be careful and avoid any food which may irritate their gut such as wheat, gluten and dairy products with additives. I also warn them against the commercially available sports drinks that often contain milk proteins and syrup sugars but are often poorly tolerated, and to drink preferably organic drinks.
I also recommend taking a probiotic at a good concentration with multiple strains such as Vivomixx for the purpose of protecting and repairing the intestinal barrier. One sachet per day during the regular training period, and up to 2 sachets during more intensive training periods or competition. » — Flore Echinard
Flore Echinard — Specialist in Nutrition and sports coach, Read more
Many amateur or professional athletes, especially those whose digestive tract is subjected to shock waves (running, marathon, trail …) suffer from intestinal disorders.
In a period of intense training or competition, probiotic supplementation reduces digestive disorders in athletes while promoting better resistance to infections, as demonstrated by a study of 30 high-level rugby players published in the Journal Of Science and Medicine. *

*Haywood BA et al. Probiotic supplementation reduces the duration and incidence of infections but not severity in elite rugby union players. J Sci Med Sport. 2013 Aug 30.