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Probiotics, Studies reviewHighly concentrated probiotics to improve cognitive functionprobiotics-en studies-review
De Simone Formulation, Warning about vsl#3US Federal Judge orders Alfasigma to stop false claims. VSL#3® has never been studied in IBD, IBS, liver diseases or any other warning-about-vsl3
IBS, Probiotics, Studies reviewAutoimmune responses against intestinal bacteria are linked with type 1 diabetesibs-en probiotics-en studies-review
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MicrobiotaThe microbiome of patients with Lupus influences their immunitymicrobiota
Microbiota, Probiotics, Warning about vsl#3The De Simone Formulation approved by the scientific communitymicrobiota probiotics-en warning-about-vsl3
MicrobiotaScreening for rheumatoid arthritis passes through the microbiome of our mouthmicrobiota
Interviews_ENMaryland (US) Jury Favourable Outcomeinterviews_en
Diet, MicrobiotaChildhood obesity is written in the microbiotadiet microbiota
De Simone Formulation, Warning about vsl#3A Major Decision by US Court Ruled against VSL#3®de-simone-formulation warning-about-vsl3
Microbiota, psychologyAnd psychiatrists discovered the microbiotamicrobiota psychology
Liver diseases, MicrobiotaIntervening on the intestinal bacterial flora to prevent hepatosteatosisliver-diseased microbiota
Autism, MicrobiotaActing on the microbiota: a strategy to improve autism spectrum disorders?autism microbiota
Fecal transplantation, MicrobiotaDoes the treatment of obesity and diabetes go through the intestine? 1fecal-transplantation microbiota
Microbiota, Probiotics, Studies reviewTransient Osmotic Perturbation Causes Long-Term Alteration to the Gut Microbiota1microbiota probiotics-en studies-review
Papillomavirus, Probiotics, Studies reviewClearance of human papillomavirus related anal condylomas after oral and endorectal multistrain probiotic supplementation in an HIV positive male: A case report.1papillomavirus-en probiotics-en studies-review
Autism, ProbioticsAutism, related to a bacterial infection during pregnancy?autism probiotics-en
FODMAPS, IBS, ProbioticsVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC), a new diagnostic tool for the treatment of IBSfodmaps-en ibs-en probiotics-en
Immunology, Microbiota, ProbioticsMultiple sclerosis (MS), probiotics to lower the inflammationimmunology microbiota probiotics-en
Immunology, Microbiota, ProbioticsNeurodegenerative diseases, moving towards preventive treatments?immunology microbiota probiotics-en
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IBDA personalized therapeutic approach to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases?ibd
ImmunologyRespiratory infections, soon an alternative to antibiotic treatments?immunology
DietThe intestinal flora at the heart of our understanding of obesity?diet
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Diet, MicrobiotaEat healthy to fight depressiondiet microbiota
TryptophanHow can bacteria alter the role of Tryptophan on immunity?tryptophan
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IBD, Patients Ass., ProbioticsWorld IBD Day 2017: 38 countries on four continentsibd patients-ass probiotics-en
HIV-AIDS, ProbioticsSeropositivity and protection of intestinal functions, the indisputable beneficial role of probiotics is confirmedhiv-aids probiotics-en
De Simone Formulation, ProbioticsThe De Simone formulation has been tested in a considerable number of patients of all age groupsde-simone-formulation probiotics-en
De Simone Formulation, ProbioticsThe Simone Formulation has been tested worldwidede-simone-formulation probiotics-en
De Simone Formulation, ProbioticsThe De Simone formulation has been tested in many therapeutic areasde-simone-formulation probiotics-en
De Simone Formulation, ProbioticsFormulation De Simone tested in rigorous clinical trialsde-simone-formulation probiotics-en
Liver diseases, ProbioticsNew results for the De Simone formulation in cirrhosis presented at ILCliver-diseased probiotics-en
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Autism, Patients Ass., ProbioticsClinical study: impact of probiotics in autistic childrenautism patients-ass probiotics-en
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