The food we consume is rich in Nickel (Ni) that may elicit systemic reactions in patients affected by systemic nickel allergy syndrome (SNAS), including gastrointestinal symptoms, which in turn are associated with gut dysbiosis. In this regard, a recent study led by Dr Mauro Minelli and published in Nutrients (Lombardi et al., 2020), evaluated the effects of a low-Ni diet alone or in combination with the oral consumption of appropriate probiotics, for 3 months in 51 SNAS patients with concomitant dysbiosis. Of the 51 enrolled patients, 22 took probiotics along with the prescribed low-Ni diet. Three specific probiotic therapies were established, consistent with the type of the dysbiosis (fermentative, putrefactive or mixed dysbiosis), including the De Simone Formulation. After three months, patients repeated the Ni-stimulation and the dysbiosis tests. Overall, at three months of treatment in general (diet alone with or without probiotics), the Ni-sensitivity and dysbiosis levels were significantly improved.

The association of a low-Ni diet with a specific probiotic oral supplementation, and in particular with the De Simone, was significantly more effective in decreasing dysbiosis levels or reaching eubiosis than with diet alone, confirming its possible role in such patients allergic to nickel.

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Lombardi et al., 2020, Nutrients, 12: 1040

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