If I am so interested in autoimmune diseases it is because we can observe in each of them common inflammatory mechanisms that seem to start in the gut. Let’s remember that the intestine is the first immune barrier and that it ensures alone 85% of this protective work.

What happens when our gut, weakened by modern food, antibiotics or environmental factors becomes permeable and is no longer able to play its role of Chinese wall? It lets viruses through, bacteria and other pathogens that are going to create panic to the immune system, and this, combined with a predisposition or other contributing factors open the way to an autoimmune disease.

In the case of multiple sclerosis for example, the immune system attacks myelin sheaths of the central nervous system and can cause over time very disabling symptoms.

If I mention multiple sclerosis today, it is because a study on this disease in which the De Simone Formulation has been used, has just published its results. This American study carried out by a Harvard researchers’ team in a group of patients with cyclic MS and a control group aimed at observing the action of the microbiota on the inflammatory processes of this disease.1

After two months of probiotic supplementation, the researchers were able to observe an enrichment of bacteria Lactobacillus, Streptococcus and Bifidobacterium in the intestinal flora of both groups, but the most interesting results relate to the immune response in MS patients. The researchers found a decrease in inflammatory monocytes and thus demonstrated that the microbiota is not neutral in the inflammatory activation.

“This study was not intended to evaluate whether probiotic supplementation could improve the disease in the long term, and it may be worthwhile to assess this point in a further study. However, it shows the importance of a healthy and protective microbiota to better tackle many diseases.”

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