Seropositivity and cognitive disorders, which links and which solutions?

I highly recommend reading the article by Jeannie Wraight on, as it gives a good summary on a study focusing on the relationship among AIDS/HIV, the quality of the microbiota and probiotic supplementation.*

A few months ago, I commented on the very encouraging preliminary results of a study showing the benefits of probiotics (in this case the multi-strain probiotic blend of which I am the inventor sold under the brand Visbiome / Vivomixx) on the systemic inflammation of HIV-positive patients on antiretroviral therapy.

Full results of this study, conducted by researchers at the Sapienza University in Rome, have now been published and highlight the efficacy of the probiotic blend in reducing inflammation of the Central Nervous System. After 6 months of use in these patients, the study shows improved tryptophan metabolism via stimulation of the serotonin synthesis and reduction of the IDO enzyme involved in neurodegenerative mechanisms.

Thanks to antiretroviral treatment, HIV-positive people today have a life expectancy comparable to the average population. However, 50% of these people will eventually suffer from cognitive disorders or dementia, correlated with the dysbiosis and inflammation of the Central Nervous System. This study shows that taking a probiotic targeting specifically this type of systemic inflammation certainly represents an improvement in the global healthcare management of HIV patients

Pr De Simone, about

* STUDY: Probiotic Could Help Prevent Disorders in People With HIV, by Jeannie Wraight,

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The Letter of Probiotics


The Letter of Probiotics