A new prospective in Covid-19 management comes from the journal Frontiers in Medicine. Understanding the invasive process of SARS-COV-2 has been essential to show that viral infection deeply destabilizes the gut-lung axis, causing alteration in the respiratory functions.

The fact that pneumonia and gastrointestinal symptoms are predominant clinical manifestations of COVID-19 disease can be explained by the fact that both organs express the ACE2 receptor, through which the SARS CoV-2 virus can enter cells. In the gut, where ACE2 receptors are abundantly present, coronavirus may multiply quickly. Hence the innovative idea of ​using a mix of bacterial strains (Sivomixx® 800, Ormendes SA) with proven biochemical, antiviral and immunological activities to raise the host defenses.

70 Covid-19 patients with lung involvement, for whom non-invasive oxygen therapy treatment was requested, were recruited in this study. Patients were divided into two groups: one of 42 patients and the other one of 28. Both groups received a treatment based on hydroxychloroquine, antibiotics, and/or tocilizumab, whereas only the 28 patients in the second group concomitantly received Sivomixx® 800. Interestingly, nearly all patients treated with bacteriotherapy showed remission of diarrhea and improvement in fever, physical weakness and myalgia. In addition, all 28 patients treated with standard therapy supplemented with the highly concentrated probiotics survived the COVID-19 disease and none required invasive mechanical ventilation, whereas this was not the case in the group treated with drugs only.

These data suggest a potential role for bacteriotherapy in the management of SARS-Cov-2 infection, at least for specific probiotics. Indeed, I stress here again that not all probiotics are the same.

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D’Ettorre et al. Challenges in the management of SARS-CoV2 infection: the role of oral bacteriotherapy as complementary therapeutic strategy to avoid the progression of COVID-19.  Med. 2020 7:389.  doi: 10.3389/fmed.2020.00389

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