Pr De Simone’s Blog, a Pioneer of the Gut Microbiota

Pr De Simone’s Blog, a Pioneer of the Gut Microbiota

Relevance of De Simone Formulation in hepatic encephalopathy

De Simone Formulation combined with rifaximin positively affect the neurometabolic profile in a rat model of type C hepatic encephalopathy. Type C hepatic encephalopathy (HE) is a neuropsychiatric disease caused by hepatic dysfunction secondary to chronic liver disease. Management of type C HE remains an important challenge because treatment options are [...]

Probiotics improve neurometabolic profile

Chronic liver disease is often caused by the hepatitis C virus and accompanied by neuropsychiatric complications called hepatic encephalopathy (HE). It can be a temporary or permanent condition and current treatments have some limitations in their efficacy and tolerability emphasizing the need for alternative therapies. There is increasing evidence that chronic liver [...]

Intervening on the intestinal bacterial flora to prevent hepatosteatosis

The well-known problem related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is of significant incidence in obese individuals and often with an unstoppable evolution into cirrhosis and fibrosis, even in neoplasia. The study of this phenomenon over the years has highlighted a possible trigger of the pathology by environmental, genetic and metabolic [...]

New results for the De Simone formulation in cirrhosis presented at ILC

Promising results of a double-blind placebo controlled study in cirrhotic patients. The results of a clinical study conducted in 36 cirrhotic patients who were administered the high concentration probiotic preparation containing 8 strains, 450 billion bacteria were presented at ILC this Saturday in a stimulating session on Gut-Liver Axis, clinical translation. [...]