Pr De Simone’s Blog, a Pioneer of the Gut Microbiota

Pr De Simone’s Blog, a Pioneer of the Gut Microbiota

Childhood obesity is written in the microbiota

Childhood obesity is a growing problem worldwide. Recent research suggests that intestinal microbiota may play an important and potentially causal role in the development of obesity and could be a mechanism that explains the transgenerational transmission of obesity risk. For this reason the Californian group of Maggie Stanislawski published on mBio, [...]

Fodmap* diet, good for digestion, but be careful with your intestinal flora

This is the diet par excellence for people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and it does present undeniable positive aspects. Indeed a diet low in Fodmap (a group of fermentable short chain carbohydrates present in certain foods), significantly improves certain symptoms characteristic of irritable bowel syndrome (bloating, gas, abdominal pain). The [...]

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Eat healthy to fight depression

The link between mood and diet is well known but no study had formally demonstrated it. This is done now with SMILES, an Australian study conducted on 67 patients who were on anti-depressants or psychotherapy, with moderate to severe depression according to the Montgomery-Asberg Depression Scale.1 Over a 12 week period, [...]

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