Pr De Simone’s Blog, a Pioneer of the Gut Microbiota

Pr De Simone’s Blog, a Pioneer of the Gut Microbiota

The promising role of DSF in fighting against autism

Autism spectrum disorders have an increasing prevalence characterized by enormous individual, family and social costs. There are growing interest and more resources addressed to researching the causes of this disease, which are still far from being fully and exhaustively defined. However, an interaction between genetic and environmental factors is implicated, converging [...]

Gut and brain working in synergy to fight autism

New evidences recognize the microbiota-gut-brain axis as a key modulator of neuropsychic health.  Interestingly, probiotics, recently named “psychobiotics”, may modulate brain activity and function. In this framework, Elisa Santocchi and colleagues wanted to understand if bacteriotherapy could be a valid strategy in autism, possibly improving the behavioral profiles of children with [...]

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Autism and the Gut

Autism, what if the main answer were in the gut? This is a subject that is particularly close to my heart and which I have already addressed several times in my blog following a number of studies published on the link between intestinal flora and autism. A new clinical trial, led by a [...]

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Clinical study: impact of probiotics in autistic children

A study based on a mix of probiotics selected according to 5 criteria A study is currently ongoing in Italy. Enrolling 100 autistic patients aged 18 to 72 months, it aims to measure the effectiveness of a 6 month supplementation of the multi-strain high concentration probiotic blend Vivomixx. The evaluation [...]

Autism, dysbiosis and microbiota

Autism spectrum disorders have dramatically increased in recent decades. We now know that genetics plays a role but doesn’t explain everything and that other elements are at stake in this complex multi-factorial neurological disease. The microbiota-gut-brain axis is at the heart of advanced research. Autism: The microbiota-gut-brain axis is being [...]