Covid, ProbioticsProbiotics: a valuable add-on in SARS-CoV-2 infection22 July 2020covid-en probiotics-en
Probiotics23 novel genera, emended description of the genus Lactobacillus27 May 2020probiotics-en
allergy, ProbioticsNickel allergy? Let’s consider a diet integration with probiotics12 May 2020allergy probiotics-en
Gynecology, ProbioticsHigh-concentrated probiotics to improve breastfeeding7 May 2020gynecology probiotics-en
Microbiota, ParkinsonProbiotics helping Parkinson’s disease patients24 March 2020microbiota parkinson-en
MicrobiotaIntestinal microbiome and neurological disorders, a promising future125 February 2020microbiota
Gynecology, MicrobiotaA mouse model of lupus benefited from probiotic treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding129 January 2020gynecology microbiota
Diabete, HIV-AIDS, Microbiota, ProbioticsModulation of the intestinal microbiota to improve diabetic patients’ health3 December 2019diabete hiv-aids microbiota probiotics-en
HIV-AIDS, ProbioticsProbiotics to aid cognitive impairment in HIV patients27 November 2019hiv-aids probiotics-en
ProbioticsAntimicrobial resistance: act now21 November 2019probiotics-en
Probiotics, Studies reviewHighly concentrated probiotics for the intestinal health of patients with systemic sclerosis18 September 2019probiotics-en studies-review
Probiotics, Studies reviewHighly concentrated probiotics to improve cognitive function10 September 2019probiotics-en studies-review
De Simone Formulation, Warning about vsl#3US Federal Judge orders Alfasigma to stop false claims. VSL#3® has never been studied in IBD, IBS, liver diseases or any other disease.1 July 2019de-simone-formulation warning-about-vsl3
IBS, Probiotics, Studies reviewAutoimmune responses against intestinal bacteria are linked with type 1 diabetes26 June 2019ibs-en probiotics-en studies-review
ProbioticsHigh concentration probiotics for healthier aging19 June 2019probiotics-en
Cancer, IBS, ProbioticsProbiotics: positive effects in chemotherapy-induced diarrhea9 May 2019cancer-en ibs-en probiotics-en
MicrobiotaThe microbiome of patients with Lupus influences their immunity8 April 2019microbiota
Microbiota, Probiotics, Warning about vsl#3The De Simone Formulation approved by the scientific community4 April 2019microbiota probiotics-en warning-about-vsl3
MicrobiotaScreening for rheumatoid arthritis passes through the microbiome of our mouth5 February 2019microbiota
Interviews_ENMaryland (US) Jury Favourable Outcome30 January 2019interviews_en
Diet, MicrobiotaChildhood obesity is written in the microbiota8 January 2019diet microbiota
De Simone Formulation, Warning about vsl#3A Major Decision by US Court Ruled against VSL#3®27 November 2018de-simone-formulation warning-about-vsl3
Microbiota, psychologyAnd psychiatrists discovered the microbiota7 November 2018microbiota psychology
Liver diseases, MicrobiotaIntervening on the intestinal bacterial flora to prevent hepatosteatosis25 September 2018liver-diseased microbiota
Autism, MicrobiotaActing on the microbiota: a strategy to improve autism spectrum disorders?7 September 2018autism microbiota
Fecal transplantation, MicrobiotaDoes the treatment of obesity and diabetes go through the intestine? 14 September 2018fecal-transplantation microbiota
Microbiota, Probiotics, Studies reviewTransient Osmotic Perturbation Causes Long-Term Alteration to the Gut Microbiota13 July 2018microbiota probiotics-en studies-review
Papillomavirus, Probiotics, Studies reviewClearance of human papillomavirus related anal condylomas after oral and endorectal multistrain probiotic supplementation in an HIV positive male: A case report.17 May 2018papillomavirus-en probiotics-en studies-review
Autism, ProbioticsAutism, related to a bacterial infection during pregnancy?23 April 2018autism probiotics-en
FODMAPS, IBS, ProbioticsVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC), a new diagnostic tool for the treatment of IBS19 March 2018fodmaps-en ibs-en probiotics-en
Immunology, Microbiota, ProbioticsMultiple sclerosis (MS), probiotics to lower the inflammation19 February 2018immunology microbiota probiotics-en
Immunology, Microbiota, ProbioticsNeurodegenerative diseases, moving towards preventive treatments?19 February 2018immunology microbiota probiotics-en
IBDIBD: a bacteria which is not totally innocent16 January 2018ibd
IBSFungal dysbiosis involved in IBS17 January 2018ibs-en
IBDA personalized therapeutic approach to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases?20 November 2017ibd
ImmunologyRespiratory infections, soon an alternative to antibiotic treatments?13 December 2017immunology
DietThe intestinal flora at the heart of our understanding of obesity?6 November 2017diet
Diet, FODMAPSFodmap* diet, good for digestion, but be careful with your intestinal flora24 October 2017diet fodmaps-en
Diet, MicrobiotaEat healthy to fight depression28 August 2017diet microbiota
TryptophanHow can bacteria alter the role of Tryptophan on immunity?27 September 2017tryptophan
allergy, Diabete, Fecal transplantation, Immunology, MicrobiotaGFNG 2017: A growing interest for the intestinal microbiota28 August 2017allergy diabete fecal-transplantation immunology microbiota
Interviews_ENThe future of probiotics29 June 2017interviews_en
Interviews_ENOrigins of the De Simone Formulation29 June 2017interviews_en
Interviews_ENA pioneer of microbiota29 June 2017interviews_en
Microbiota, StrokeStroke: Modulation of a genetic predisposition by the microbiota21 June 2017microbiota stroke
IBD, Patients Ass., ProbioticsWorld IBD Day 2017: 38 countries on four continents19 May 2017ibd patients-ass probiotics-en
HIV-AIDS, ProbioticsSeropositivity and protection of intestinal functions, the indisputable beneficial role of probiotics is confirmed17 May 2017hiv-aids probiotics-en
De Simone Formulation, ProbioticsThe De Simone formulation has been tested in a considerable number of patients of all age groups10 May 2017de-simone-formulation probiotics-en
De Simone Formulation, ProbioticsThe Simone Formulation has been tested worldwide10 May 2017de-simone-formulation probiotics-en
De Simone Formulation, ProbioticsThe De Simone formulation has been tested in many therapeutic areas10 May 2017de-simone-formulation probiotics-en
De Simone Formulation, ProbioticsFormulation De Simone tested in rigorous clinical trials10 May 2017de-simone-formulation probiotics-en
Liver diseases, ProbioticsNew results for the De Simone formulation in cirrhosis presented at ILC24 April 2017liver-diseased probiotics-en
ProbioticsCan we expect a “PDO” for probiotics?10 April 2017probiotics-en
colopathy, IBS, MicrobiotaIBS and enzymes21 March 2017colopathy ibs-en microbiota
HIV-AIDS, MicrobiotaHIV-AIDS and microbiota1 March 2017hiv-aids microbiota
Autism, ProbioticsThe enigma of autism – The bacterial lead22 February 2017autism probiotics-en
IBD, ProbioticsIBD 201710 February 2017ibd probiotics-en
Cancer, ProbioticsProbiotics and radio-chemotherapy8 February 2017cancer-en probiotics-en
AutismAutism and the Gut3 February 2017autism
ProbioticsPhysician and Patient Alert25 October 2016probiotics-en
ImmunologyAids 201622 August 2016immunology
Autism, Patients Ass., ProbioticsWebinar on autism and probiotics27 June 2016autism patients-ass probiotics-en
Probiotics, SportProbiotics for enhanced athletic performance7 June 2016probiotics-en sport-en
Osteoporosis, ProbioticsOsteoporosis6 June 2016osteoporosis probiotics-en
Autism, Patients Ass., ProbioticsClinical study: impact of probiotics in autistic children29 May 2016autism patients-ass probiotics-en
IBS, Immunology, Lyme, ProbioticsBenefits of probiotics in Lyme disease18 May 2016ibs-en immunology lyme-en probiotics-en
IBS, Patients Ass., ProbioticsUnderstanding and treating functional colopathy10 May 2016ibs-en patients-ass probiotics-en
IBS, Patients Ass.Irritable Bowel Syndrome has its patients association26 April 2016ibs-en patients-ass
IBD, ProbioticsVivomixx®, a probiotic blend still in the news19 March 2016ibd probiotics-en
Autism, Patients Ass., ProbioticsAutism, dysbiosis and microbiota10 March 2016autism patients-ass probiotics-en
Fecal transplantation, IBD, ProbioticsFecal transplantation, what about probiotics?30 January 2016fecal-transplantation ibd probiotics-en
ProbioticsProbiotics and prevention16 December 2015probiotics-en
Probiotics, Studies reviewResearch INRA10 February 2017probiotics-en studies-review
ProbioticsFood supplement15 December 2015probiotics-en
IBD, Patients Ass., ProbioticsIBD Challenge Fundraising13 December 2015ibd patients-ass probiotics-en


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Professor Claudio De Simone, a pioneer in the field of intestinal microflora recognized internationally, invented a probiotic mixture (8 strains, 450 billion bacteria) which has been the subject of more than 170 publications and is integrated in the international treatment guidelines for some serious medical indications.  Read more

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