An important book to cure Lyme disease, where probiotics certainly have a role to play

A world-renowned specialist, Dr. Richard Horowitz has been treating patients with Lyme disease for 30 years. In his book “Curing Lyme and Unexplained Chronic Diseases“, he explains the benefits of probiotic supplementation in Lyme patients.

People with this disabling disease follow a long-term antibiotic treatment that weakens and damages the balance of the intestinal flora. In order to preserve the intestinal health of his patients, Dr. Horowitz recommends several high-dose probiotics containing strains of human origin which can resist bile and gastric acid and colonize the gut efficiently. Patients who observe these recommendations rarely have diarrhea.

« Being an immunologist, Lyme disease has always interested me. Richard Horowitz has done an extraordinary job and I am delighted that it is finally translated into French. A great pride to see my original formulation cited in the arsenal of probiotics he recommends. »
Pr De Simone, About