« The idea that bacterias could be a treatment was very surprising at that time. »

Professor Claudio De Simone

Professor Claudio De Simone, a pioneer in the field of intestinal microflora recognized internationally, invented a probiotic mixture (8 strains, 450 billion bacteria) which has been the subject of more than 260 publications and is integrated in the international treatment guidelines for some serious medical indications.

A member of the American College of Gastroenterology, Claudio De Simone is a retired Professor of Infectious Diseases of the University of L’Aquila (Italy), specialized in Gastroenterology, Allergology and Clinical Immunology. His interest in the human microbiota goes back more than 25 years when the understanding of the importance of the role of the intestinal flora was in its infancy.

The inventor of the De Simone FormulationSee Wikipedia page

La Formulation Originale du Professeur De Simone

8 strains of bacteria

450 billion per sachet

260 articles

The Blog of a Pioneer of the Intestinal Microbiota

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