30 years ago I started an adventure into the research of bacteria, and at that time, there were very few other people interested in the subject.No one wanted to give the bacteria especially in high concentrations and multi-strain. Today the field has moved on and everybody wants to give healthy bacteria, without really worrying about the production methods or the source.

Right now, we are at a paradox. When I invented this formulation, there was much scepticism about safety and efficacy and many studies have been performed to demonstrate it and it is now approved for use in patients with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and pouchitis, by the guidelines, from the experience of patients, and doctors’ recommendations. This created a movement of which I have in some ways been the pioneer.

After about 20 – 30 years from my perspective, I have to say to be careful because not all products are the same, when using these preparations it is important to check who produces them, how they are made and which controls are in place. The fact that the strains are the same does not mean that the results are the same, there is the know-how, methods, and control systems that are very important. How to protect yourself from all this?

Obviously, keeping full trust in the product that was invented many years ago and that has been studied: always look for the original product, the one for which there are many studies, for which there are many evidences and that in some respects has been imitated but not yet surpassed.